Become one of the first NFT collectors to support a more sustainable and technological world. When you buy our NFTs, you don’t just automatically offset their carbon footprint — you also help make safe drinking water more accessible. Join us now!
Who we are
We’re a team of environmentalists and developers determined to make a difference by giving local communities free access to safe drinking water. Since last year, we've been developing UWater, a smart water refill station for public places across the globe — and at this point, we’d love to have your support.
How it works
By collecting our NFTs (“non-fungible tokens” representing unique digital art items), you fund our efforts to build and install IRL 50 UWater stations.
What is UWater
UWater stations are smart water dispensers installed in public places that give everyone access to clean drinking water. Why buy water in single-use plastic packaging if you can refill your favorite reusable bottle for free?
If you own one or more of our NFTs, your name will appear on the screen of one of our UWater stations, showing everyone that as part of the NFT community, you’ve made a meaningful contribution to the well-being of local communities — and all life on Earth, if we think globally (we do! :)).
Why we do this
No to plastic
Did you know that only one plastic bottle out of six can be recycled? However, any waste still harms the environment — whether you throw it away or recycle it. Recycling is a multi-step process that also come with a carbon footprint.
Two years ago, we’ve joined the global environmental movement called Refill. The idea was simple. No need to buy any more single-use plastic bottles — just refill your reusable one for free at a refill point! In partnership with local businesses and organizations around Eastern Europe, we’ve put over 1,500 refill points on our map to help locals stay hydrated and make more sustainable choices. BTW, feel free to use the map of where our refill points are located via our Telegram bot: @refill_water_bottle_bot.
Carbon offset
Our water refill stations combine smart technology with state-of-the-art design. But the best part? A single UWater station can offset more than 3 tons of CO2 emissions per year! The ideas is to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted during the production of plastic bottles — one bottle at a time. Refilling happens via your mobile phone — just tap a button in a special app. We also have a special Internet-of-Things kind of system in place connected to a website that shows in real time how much carbon our stations have already offset. Cool, right?
Сlimate action
We believe that the best way for each of us to reduce our climate footprint is to support initiatives that promote the transition to a more sustainable society. To slow (or even reverse!) climate change, everyone must question their choices and possibly opt for those friendlier for the environment. This involves many things, and all of them matter.
Our team’s mission is to install as many water stations as possible in public spaces. We are a profit-for-purpose social enterprise, with the primary goal to fight climate change. All profits from NFT sales go to the development and production of our UWater stations. Simply put, our project allows collectors to offset their NFTs by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from plastic bottle production. And your name as a contributor will be shown on each UWater station’s screen as well as on our website!
Reduce what we can
and offset
what we cannot.
Why NFT?
The blockchain technology on which NFT is based is very energy-intensive. Still, given its many advantages, it’s clearly here to stay.
Join our community of environmentally conscious digital art collectors to address a global, urgent, real-life challenge. All it takes is to purchase NFTs from our Foundation and OpenSea pages. All proceeds will benefit our mission to provide a nearly net-zero source of clean drinking water via our UWater stations.
Here’s some math. One UWater station saves a minimum of 30,000 plastic bottles, which offsets over 3,300 kg of CO2 produced during the creation of NFT and associated processes per year. Read more about CO2.
Our artists
Art designer
3 times RED DOT AWARD winner
Silver A’DESIGN AWARD winner
#1 Water
25 May 2022
Water connects every aspect of life. Clean water must be safe and free access for everyone!
#2 Air
August 2022
No plastic - just refill
#3 Health
August 2022
No plastic - just refill
Are you an NFT artist? We’re open to new collaborations! Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]
How to buy NFTs
Choose an item
Explore our collection of NFT items on our Foundation or OpenSea pages to find the NFTs you like best.
Place a bid
Click on the “Make offer” button next to the item you liked and set your bid price.
Become a collector
Yay! You’re now the sole owner of one of our NFTs, and your choice is already paying off for the environment and society. Please keep in mind that any item in our collection can be the last one on sale if we meet our funding goals — so it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a hold of a unique piece of digital collectible art.
Help reduce CO2
In fact, you don’t just buy NFTs, you help pioneer a better future for everyone where art, technology and environment are connected in a meaningful and impactful way. Join us on this exciting journey!
As part of a limited set of 50 units, the pilot UWater station will feature:
• Smart touchless dispensing of clean, safe drinking water
• IoT-powered technologies on the inside, modern, green design on the outside
• More hydration, less waste — for free and with sustainability in mind.
Art & climate action
Inspired by art,
Fascinated by technology,
In love with the Earth
It may seem that technology and the environment are at odds with each other. Well, a better world requires fairer tech — and smarter choices.
To preserve nature’s wonders and sustain as a society, we must try hard to emit less carbon dioxide. Our food, clothes, cars, utilities, waste — all lead to emissions. Did you know that by sending an email, you emit a few grams of CO2, and an hour of watching Netflix means 36 grams emitted?

We’re firm believers in community-driven, conscious, decentralized structures and practices. We can’t wait for consensus mechanisms, such as proof-of-stake (PoS), to replace proof-of-work (PoW). If you’re new to these concepts, read up on them — it’s really interesting. Put shortly, POS is very, very energy inefficient. And our hope is that the coming third generation of web, the so-called Web3, will change the balance of power forever.Basically, we’ll regain control over your personal data, both online and offline, as well as how we can profit off it.

As passionate about environmental change as we are, we’re fostering a community of like-minded NFT fans to highlight the issues stemming from our digital expansion and facilitate a meaningful conversation about what we can do to solve them.

Here are some numbers to consider:
total CO2 footprint associated with minting, bidding on, transferring, and selling an NFT
1 =
195 g
single-use plastic bottles
total CO2 footprint associated with a single-use plastic bottle, excluding transportation
1 =
82 g
One UWater station helps
save more than 30,000 bottles
offsetting more than 3 tons of CO2
Our updates
From awareness to action
Volunteered at beach cleanups in Bali to prevent plastic from getting into the ocean. As part of The Adventure Bad Movement, launched a blog about eco-friendly living, offering alternatives to single-use plastic. Started creating a map of water refill stations.
H1 2021
Refill map
With local businesses and organizations as partners, added more than 1,500 new refill stations across Eastern Europe. Launched a free Telegram bot that suggests the nearest refill points and hit the 20,000-user mark by mid-June.
H2 2021
Developed software and hardware for our smart water station. Successfully tested contactless water dispensing using our Telegram bot. Processed and analyzed data (IoT). Started building a prototype enclosure for our UWater station.
H1 2022
Set out to build a community of like-minded NFT enthusiasts. Launched our first NFT collection to fund the manufacturing of our pilot UWater stations.
H2 2022
Debug the manufacturing process, partner with local businesses and organizations to install UWater stations in public spaces. Add new functionality to our website showing how much CO2 our UWater stations help offset in real time.

Eco Platform
Launch a platform where NFT collectors can choose among carbon offset projects they’d like to support. Show how the NFT community is actually contributing to the fight against climate change.
How will offsetting work?
Carbon offsetting will begin once we install our first 50 UWater stations. For this to happen, we’ve created a collection of NFTs and are now selling them to fund our project. If you’re an NFT collector, why not add one of the items to your collection — and for a great cause? :)
What exactly do I get when I buy your NFTs?
First of all, by purchasing our NFTs you fund our initiative to build the first 50 smart water refill stations, or ‘UWater’ as we call them, and install them in various locations worldwide. Plus, to honor your contribution, we’ll have your real name or moniker featured on the LED screen located on the user-facing side of each of our stations. And this is not to mention that as part of our ambitious project, you align yourself with the clean technology vision — something worth being proud of.
How many NFTs will the collection include?
One UWater station is funded by three NFTs. Once we have the resources to build 50 stations to be installed worldwide, the production will begin. Therefore, 150 is the maximum number of NFTs this collection can include. However, please keep in mind that when we raise the necessary amount to start production, each NFT available for purchase may be the last one you can buy.
Why only three NFTs are available for purchase on your Foundation and OpenSea pages?
New NFTs by a very talented emerging artist are coming soon — so be sure to follow our updates!
What happens to the project when the collection is sold?
Our project relies on financial support to start producing UWater stations. Once we have installed the first 50 stations around the world, we will be in a position to show and prove how UWater stations make a real difference to society and the planet. This will encourage public institutions and NGOs to focus on the well-being of communities and the importance of the availability of clean drinking water in public spaces, thereby fueling our growth and enabling scale-up.
Will there be new NFT collections?
We’re thrilled to collaborate on projects as green-minded and technology-driven as ours. Our next collections will be launched in support of another CO2 offset project — so stay tuned for updates!
What if something goes wrong after the NFTs have been successfully sold?
One of the most satisfying parts of buying our NFTs is bringing digital art to life, from concept to production. Before we can start manufacturing our UWater stations, the collection must be sold. Therefore, the project launch date may shift. In any case, we are honest with our collectors and keep them duly informed of any changes in the project timeline.
Are you open to collaboration with other NFT artists?
Absolutely! In addition to supporting our cause, artists are eligible to receive 10–15% of each sale. Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]
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